Walk to Fight Arthritis - Winnipeg

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Please support The Arthritis Society and our team! 

Gavin was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis a year ago at the age of 5. So far it has affected his right knee and foot, and believe it or not his eyes. He walks with a limp but what is most concerning is his eyes. Arthritis in the eyes is known as Uveitis and can lead to blindness if not treated. At this point we are able to control things and hopefully he will grow out of his symptoms (yes this is possible). So that is our hope, but in the mean time we hope to find treatments that eliminate his symptoms without major side effects.

On Sunday, June 4, 2017, our team is participating in the Walk to Fight Arthritis. We're walking and raising funds to help find a cure and support the over 4.6 million Canadians who live with the pain of arthritis. 

You can make a difference in their lives, and help researchers search for improved treatments by making a donation to any of our team members. Together, with your support, we can reach our fundraising goal for this very important cause.

Please join the movement and make a donation to support this important cause. Thank you so much!

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