Walk to Fight Arthritis - Mississauga


Dear family and friends,

Two years ago my family received the terrible news that Gabby had juvenile arthritis. While we struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis, we had to watch her suffer with pain in many of her small joints, in particular her wrists. After many months of treatment and a couple of steroid injections, she finally showed signs of improvement. Unfortunately, even though she goes through long stretches where she's pain-free, she still has flare-ups. Her newest treatment is taking low doses of methotrexate to help reduce the inflammation and to make the disease inactive (hopefully permanently). None of this would be possible without the hard work of the Arthritis Society and SickKids Hospital.

That's why we're joining Canadians coast-to-coast in the Walk to Fight Arthritis. We're walking and raising funds to help find a cure and support the over 4.6 million Canadians who live with arthritis.

By helping raise funds, you are supporting the next advancement in research, the next great treatments and the Society’s suite of pain management programs. The Society has been the largest non-government funder of arthritis research in Canada, investing over $195 million in projects that have led to breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with arthritis.

There is no cure for arthritis; we need to work together to create an arthritis free future.

Please join the movement and make a donation to support this important cause.

Thank you so much!

Frank, Maria, Gabby and Gianluca

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