Walk to Fight Arthritis - Kelowna

Move and Shake!
Move and Shake!

Movers and Shakers

Move and Shake!

Move like you want to

Shake it all up

Yourself, your notions, your body -  shake the dust off

Honor your Body

We have one go 'round.


Join the Movers and Shakers on Sunday, June 4th. 

The 2017 Walk promises to be a special day.  In Kelowna there is a 1km or 5km route and we want you there!

Have fun, meet new friends, connect with family, celebrate with your team, and feel good knowing that you have raised funds and taken steps towards an arthritis free future

By participating and helping raise funds you are supporting research, workshops such as pain management programs, and you also show that you care to all those around you who live with arthritis.

Changes to our medical systems and advances to research to not happen without the contributions of people. People like you, who could perhaps offer $50.00 - or a couple of hours on a Sunday - to walk and donate your time. 

We would love to have you on our team and thank you very much for your donations!


With Gratitude,


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