Walk to Fight Arthritis - Community In Motion- Moncton

Kenzie at the last Walk for Arthritis we participated in!
Kenzie at the last Walk for Arthritis we participated in!

Team Kenzie Fleiger


 When my daughter, Kenzie, was learning to crawl, I remember watching her pull herself down the hallway of our house as if she were a soldier in the trenches, dragging her body with her arms. Then, as a late walker holding on to a table or window ledge to keep herself steady. And, as Kenzie grew, she found a love for basketball. She would run with a limp and push through pain and swelling to help her team, never giving up. Now at just about 11, she is my hero, will you be her hero?

You see, by supporting Kenzie in her walk for arthritis, you become a hero in her eyes. You light up her eyes when she sees a new supporter. You put a smile on her face, showing that you care. You help her persevere and continue to be an advocate not only for herself but for other children and adults. Most importantly, you give her hope that with the support you offer, someday, she may be able to run down that basketball court with no limp, pain, or swelling. Your support is what inspires Kenzie to keep moving.
Thank you
Team Kenzie!
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